Locker or Backpack?

Cardie Saunders, Staff Writer

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Locker or Backpack? Many students actually have very different views on this. Do you use your locker frequently throughout the day or do you instead just primarily use your backpack? There are ups and downs to both according to  those interviewed here at Mendham High School. Going throughout the school day hardly ever touching your locker has very positive outcomes, yet still has some negatives as well. According to Maddy Eisenhardt, one positive about only using her backpack is that s her “locker is so far out of the way, it’s just easier to keep everything in [her backpack.” Another student feels as if their backpack is big enough to fit all their textbooks, binders, etc. so no point in even opening their locker. However, according to another Mendham High School sophomore, “I open my locker every morning, at lunch, right after last period, and even sometimes between periods depending on the class.” She also explained how carrying all her binders, her lunch, and her basketball stuff is too much, which is why she takes multiple trips to her locker daily. Myself, being a backpack lover, can’t understand how students can visit their locker so many times a day. In my opinion, I would feel way too rushed and carrying the heavy backpack definitely doesn’t outweigh all the positives. Because of this controversy between a few of my classmates, I decided to survey several other students in the school. The results indicated 70% said they prefer to only use their backpack and only about 30% said they prefered using their lockers frequently throughout the day. So based on these results, I have came to the conclusion that the most students hardly ever use their locker and primarily use one’s backpack to carry around their stuff, mostly because of how out of the way their lockers are. At the end of the day, the only thing that might be getting packed away are the lockers themselves.