Boys Basketball

Kelly Bierals and Willem Robbins

This years fall sports teams saw unprecedented support from their peers, and that support from the student body has not slowed down whatsoever since the winter sports season has begun. Among the sports, perhaps none have seen more support this season than the boy’s basketball team. With students traveling as far as Pope John to show support at away games, the start of this year has shown promise for the boys. The team has already had several intense games against strong teams such as Sparta and Delbarton that have proven to test the team’s determination. Some of the seniors have been outspoken about their gratitude regarding the support and have also encouraged the attendance of games on social media platforms such as Instagram. Hopefully the spirit of this years Mendham Boys Basketball team will continue throughout the season and help them reach their season goals.

This years team is expected to perform exceptionally well.  We sat down with Seniors Kevin Sansone and Jensen Vaughn to see what they had to say about the upcoming season. Both boys can agree that the team has been putting in a lot of work during the practices to gain strength and perform to the best of their ability against their opponents this season. Jensen Vaughn comments on the fact that the practices have been going very well so far and “The first few were definitely the hardest because we all had to work hard to get in shape, but it will definitely help us in the long run.” The boys are all working hard to hopefully make a run in counties and states. Vaughn also describes the teams potential this season saying, “I think this team has a lot of potentials. We have a great group of seniors who are all really good leaders and set a good example for the younger players. We have plenty of younger players who are very skilled and will step up and make plays. Our team also will benefit from a size advantage against most teams, with our entire starting lineup over 6 foot, but still will not sacrifice any speed due to having some great athletes.” Kevin Sansone adds that “Whether they’re captains or not, our team is full of leaders. As long as we all stay positive and focus on our goals we will have a great season.”

Not only is the team filled with such valuable players, but they all also work very well together. Sansone also adds “I think our team chemistry is a very strong component. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so we can use that knowledge to play our best and win games.” The team hopes to utilize their various skill sets throughout the remaining games they have to play this season, and hopefully make it far in the playoffs. The student body showed enthusiasm so far, and the team has certainly expressed the importance of that key advantage throughout the remaining games in the season. Hopefully, a large number of the team’s peers can continue to make it to the games to support the team this season, as it could very well be a key factor to their success.