A Sensational Summer following the Pandemic


Lindsay Lee

Tommy Kessler, Staff Writer

Before the pandemic hit, Lindsay’s family had planned to take a family vacation but she said that all travel had ceased due to the virus. This summer, they were able to reschedule it and they decided to go to Cancun. Her and her family decided to go to Cancun because it seemed like a nice establishment and the weather was perfect with some brief showers which made the atmosphere pleasant and cool. Lindsay stated,” The warm weather was nice for a change.” Although she only visited the tourist part of Cancun, she said that the staff were very nice and welcoming. They were a great representation of what she expects the locals to be like.

Stunning sunrise in Cancun
Cancun is known for its beautiful beaches and cool weather. This captures the beauty of the vibrancy and color of the island during the early morning.

The highlight of Lindsay’s trip was the pools and the food. Lindsay was excited to be staying at a resort with a pool because she “always wanted one.” The pool could not have been far from perfect as she was staying in one of the nicest resorts in all of Cancun. The food, she said,” was really good there.” It was also easy to access because they could just “ walk in, we didn’t have to ever make reservations.” The type of food ranged from East Asian to French to Mexican, and it was a great example of ethnic mix. Lindsay summed up her experience in Cancun to a great time with her family. She said,”

“It brought me a sense of normalcy, being able to run away from the pandemic by going on this trip.””

— Lindsay Lee