Welcome Aboard: Introducing Mendham’s Newest Staff Members

Cardie Saunders, Staff Writer

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    Several new staff members have been added into our school community and we cannot wait to introduce them. In fact, five teachers ranging from all different jobs around the school are now apart of our daily lives despite some only being here for at most two months. These teachers include Ms. Krizko, a new secretary for none other than Principal Mr. Ryan, Ms. Rosone, a new English teacher for 9th graders, along with Mr. Nigro, Ms. Pizza, and Ms. Folami, who are all new teacher assistants who work with Special Ed students. With some of us possibly never meeting these wonderful people in person, getting to know them a little through this piece should be very helpful.

   Ms. Krizko, the new secretary for Principal Mr. Ryan, has done some very cool things throughout her life and reveals some of her positive opinions on this High School. As Ms. Krizko once said, “Always follow your passion and don’t be afraid to change your mind!”. Ms. Krizko stayed true to this statement as she moves all around the United States going from one opportunity to the next. In fact, after getting a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, Ms. Krizko spends two years in Florida as a tech at the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office in Florida. Then goes on to become a background investigator right before moving to New Jersey where she takes on an operations position at AT&T. And finally, soon after that, Ms. Krizko find herself here, at West Morris Mendham High School as a secretary for Mr. Ryan. And not only all that but she also once spent the summer working for a safari company in Zimbabwe! Ms. Krizko is super excited to be apart of the staff here at Mendham High School and even reveals her opinion on educators as she states, “As much as I loved driving business success, I have always felt that educators have the most irrefutable responsibility of any profession because they hold students’ minds and psyches in their hands and have the ability to influence them for the good or for the bad”. What makes Ms. Krizko so happy here is that know that she is apart of the school system she gets to become a part of all of that. Ms. Krizko’s favorite part of her new job now is, of course, working with Mr. Ryan and staff, but also seeing the passion from the teachers here who are committed to the students and always wanting and pushing for success.

    Ms. Rosone, a 9th grade English teacher, is more than excited to be a part of the West Morris Mendham High School Staff as she looks to become closer to not only her students but also hopefully as many people as she can. Similar to Ms. Krizko, Ms. Rosone has bounced around a bit as she also taught 7th and 8th grade English at Mendham Township Middle School. Like most typical English teachers, Ms. Rosone loves everything about literature and books and is passionate about reading. Some of od Ms. Rosone’s other desires include traveling, cooking, and outdoors. Ms. Rosone is one of those people who live in the moment and is always looking to try something new and adventurous. Gaining a strong relationship with her students and other staff members in the school is Ms. Rosone’s top priority. Ms. Rosone believes the way to get the most out of her students is to first gain a great relationship between her and her student as she states, “I have always believed that connections come before content, and I cannot wait to continue fostering positive relationships with my students and my colleagues”. In addition to this Ms. Rosone wants to make sure all the students know that her door is always open and they are welcome anytime. Ms. Rosone’s favorite part about her new job as a 9th-grade English teacher is really just getting to know the new students every year and learning about each student’s fascinating lives and qualities. Along with all of this, Ms. Rosone is most excited to play such a large role in such an important part in these young students’ lives.

    Last but not least, Mr. Nigro, a teacher assistant who works with Special Ed students, is very involved during school hours and after. Mr. Nigro is a former student-athlete at Seton Hall University who still loves sports. Along with working with the Special Ed students, Mr. Nigro continues his love for athletics by staying involved in coaching. Mr. Nigro is most excited for the opportunity to work with different students, meet new teachers, and just being involved in all different aspects of this high school. Mr. Nigro’s favorite part of his new job is learning new things every day. Despite only being here for two months he already uses the words “they are warm and welcoming” to describe the student body. In addition to that, Mr. Nigro is super impressed with the student body, especially their compassion towards others along with their intelligence and kindness as well. Mr. Nigro is not only a fantastic teacher assistant and special ed mentor, but is also very involved in athletics with coaching as well.

    These new staff members are thrilled to have joined our school community and are looking forward to meeting tons of new students.