Pizza! Pizza!

Kelly Bierals and Julia Baggio

One of the most underrated additions to this year’s food at Mendham is a slice of heaven for just $2.25. From Dantes in Mendham, the pasta pizza, buffalo chicken, and of course plain have been attracting many seniors to the small kiosk set up in the lobby during lunch each and every day. By 10:50 (5 minutes after lunch period has begun), the line at the kiosk is already into the main part of the lobby and by 11:10 (halfway through lunch), no matter the kind of pizza; it is too late and is already gone. After a brief survey of students at lunch, Buffalo chicken is the slice on highest demand. Michael Cilio current Mendham HS Senior comments on his buff chick experience in saying “It is a beautiful combination of chicken and buffalo sauce with a mild kick to it. Most stop at the crust, but this crust is one to die for. Overall, this pizza gives most pizzerias a run for their money.” We were also able to get an opinion on the ziti pizza from another Mendham HS Senior Kareem Al Bahrani in which he refers to the ziti as “a beautiful layering of pasta and pink sauce perfectly placed on a fluffy crust. In other words, it is the highlight of my day”. So, next time you’re contemplating about what to get for lunch, do not overlook Mendham’s fabulous pizza selection because it is to die for!